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Chase Freedom Credit Card Review – The Most Agressive Cash Backs Ever

How about a 15% cash back?

In the world of 1%, 2%, 3%, and 5% maximum cash backs, Chase Freedom credit card breaks all barriers! They may even break the 15% cash back on many everyday purchases! The intentions of Chase with this card are unclear, but I’ll tell you – I’m taking full advantage of it.

What is Chase Freedom credit card?

Chase Freedom is a no-frills, no annual fee Visa or Mastercard that offers 5% on quarterly rotating merchant categories such as hotels, gas, groceries, clothing and fashion, department stores. In addition, there is 1% cash back on all purchases. But what sets Chase Freedom credit card apart from all other cards is the fact that, from time to time, the cash back bonus switches to 10% on ALL types of purchases, which is unusual. Of course, there are two limitations. First, you have to spend at least $100 for the month in which you want to receive 10% cash back. Second, the 10% cashback only applies to the first $100 dollars spent that month, so the total 10% cash back amount between the months of December and April is up to $50. However, during that time, three different categories that carry 5% cashback will rotate, so in those categories you will effectively be earning 15% cash back on all category purchases up to $100 per month. Incredible.

Other perks that come with Chase Freedom credit card are:

  • Buy One Get One Free movie ticket offer to the first 25,000 Chase Freedom movie goers each month. This special is unknown to a large degree and it often lasts till the end of the month. Just call the number on the back of the card for details of this BOGO promotion.

  • There is a one time reward of 10,000 bonus points that can be redeemed for $100. To receive the bonus, you must have purchased goods in the amount of $500 or more in the first three months since receiving the card.

  • There is an ongoing up to 10% cash back on purchases from the affiliated merchants

Caveats with the Chase Freedom card

  • Just like the 10% cash back, the 5% quarterly categories cashback has a maximum amount attached to it. The maximum amount is $75 which corresponds to $1,500 in quarterly purchases

  • You must enroll online each quarter to start receiving 5% categories cash back that quarter. To maximize your earnings, set a schedule of reminders in your calendar four times a year. There is no enrollment required for the 10% seasonal cash back.


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